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Music is a universal language that can engage and inspire children. Learning a musical instrument or simply appreciat­ing a broader range of musical genres develops the mind and spirit in unique ways. It also provides a source of joy and satisfaction that can last a lifetime.
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Early Years Music Programme
From Early Years, children are introduced to music and its various aspects through playing, singing and dancing in weekly sessions with a Music specialist lasting 15 to 30 minutes. Each child also has the opportunity to begin to play a simple musical instrument and through a very practical approach begin to understand fundamental aspects of music such as rhythm and harmony. Music is an integral part of the EYFS curriculum and is incorporated throughout daily lessons.

Primary School Music Lessons
All children from Year 1 to Year 4 have a weekly Music lesson following the English National Curriculum, designed to develop each child’s understanding, skills and appreciation of Music. Each child’s musical experience is built up through learning to play a range of musical instruments to a basic level.  Instruments offered include recorder, glockenspiels, keyboard, and a range of percussion.

BST Instrumental Programme
Students from Year 5 to Year 8 will receive one hour a week of instrumental tuition, in small groups covering a vast range of instruments. This is in addition to their weekly curriculum based lesson. Students will be guided in their choice of instruments depending on their experience as part of the Primary Instrumental Programme and their particular area of interest. Instruments offered include guitar, violin, flute and keyboard.

School Choir
Our School Choir is a frequent performer at school events throughout the year locally and internationally. For many children, singing is their preferred form of musical expression. For others, it is a useful complement to their instrumental training.

Instrumental Scheme
Children with a greater interest in Music are encouraged to join the Instrumental Music Programme (IMPs) in which they receive individual music lessons once or twice a week in their chosen instrument(s) by a specialist teacher.