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Physical Education

Written by Liam Watson, Head of PE.

As the year closes it is a great time to reflect on how the department has performed this year and what we are looking to do going forward into the next academic school year. This year has seen an increase in school sporting fixtures across Primary and Secondary school in a variety of sports including: football, basketball, cross country, and badminton. This also included the school’s first entry in the Central Asian Basketball Classic, which was a challenging but rewarding experience.

BST Lions have enjoyed a lot of success with our football teams, our Year 7-9 team making finals day at the start of the year but unfortunately coming up short despite only losing one game in seven matches. Our Primary teams from Year 4-6 were able to win every game and win the competition. The PE department are extremely proud of all the students who have participated in sports teams, including the girls entry into the basketball league back in January, and we are really excited to begin next year which will provide even more opportunities.

Moving onto next year will see changes in the department. A female PE teacher has been employed and will arrive at the start of the next academic year, this is a really exciting time for the department and I am sure the students will benefit from this. Further, a lifeguard will also join the team ensuring that our swimming programme will be up and running so lessons can start and with the future aim of having a competitive swim team. Next year will also see an introduction of table tennis into the curriculum as we look to introduce a BST Lions team and develop the ability of all students in this sport.

Overall, I am very happy with how the year has progressed and I am very confident of further progressions next year, as I have already stated this is an exciting time for the department, school and the students.